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Your all-in-one staff leave planner

Without Timetastic, keeping track of holiday requests is a nightmare. Managing employee holiday leave takes up time, thanks to cluttered spreadsheets and shared calendars. It’s hard keeping your holiday planner up to date, and it’s yet another admin burden to weigh you down.

But, with Timetastic, you’ve got a slick staff leave planner to help you manage holiday requests on desktop or mobile. All your annual leave is tracked and recorded, and your calendars are instantly updated. It’s a huge weight off your shoulders.

Discover the magic of a staff leave planner that provides seamless integration with your calendar today.

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Let’s see how Timetastic works...

Tablet wallchart
Mobile booking
Mobile calendar
Keep track of allowances
Remaining allowance
Time off at a glance
Calendar months
Time off at a glance
Calendar months
Summary of time off
Leave summary
Request approved
Instant email notifications
Your time off

A simple but beautiful employee booking system

  1. A slick workflow for seamless holiday booking

    You won’t need any scrappy holiday request forms anymore. Simply log in to Timetastic, check the staff leave planner and click the days you want off work. Done in an instant.

  2. Take back control of managing staff holiday leave

    Every holiday request is recorded and tracked as it’s happening, giving you live notifications the second a request is made. You can see a tally of how many days off anyone has taken and what balance they have left.

  3. An up-to-date holiday calendar

    Feed all your holiday bookings directly into your regular calendar. The instant anyone books a holiday — bang, calendars and schedules are all updated.

  4. Plan ahead and cover any leave with ease

    Tired of coming to work and wondering where somebody is? Take a glance at your interactive staff leave planner and you’ll have daily and weekly updates at your fingertips, keeping you in the know.

  5. An end to messy spreadsheets

    You’ll get so much time back to yourself. You won’t have to fiddle about with awkward spreadsheets, and your team won’t need to keep asking how much holiday allowance they have left.

  6. And you’ll never miss a birthday again

    The icing on the cake! Timetastic will even tell you when it’s your colleague’s birthday, so you can organise a nice card or cake. 🎂

It’s got everything you need to book, track and manage staff holidays

The first thing you’ll see in Timetastic is your new, interactive wall chart. At a glance you can see who’s in and who’s not. Click to request time off, use it to plan ahead, make sure busy periods are covered and avoid any clashes.

Take a peek at the interactive chart below and check out how your staff leave planner interface would look.

Your teamBook time off
Pending request

Everyone loves using Timetastic

There are currently over 200,000 people using Timetastic’s staff leave planner to manage staff absences efficiently. Instead of manually updating spreadsheets and calendars, they open up Timetastic to check their holiday allowance. Then it’s just a few clicks to book a day off.

  • Timetastic has made the management of my team a breeze.

    Kriss Cox
  • Pays for itself in the time you save! Staff love it — they get clear visibility of how much holiday remaining and can easily book time off.

    Ben Collier
  • Fastest and simplest way to manage staff holidays.

    Daniel Nelson
  • Beautifully simple.

    Robin Blandford
  • Great for staff as they can book leave as and when the need arises (evenings and weekends) and the leave can be approved or declined by managers with the click of a button.

    Janette Smethurst
  • Timetastic is really easy to use. Each of member of staff has a time off calendar, and I can see how many days they have remaining from their holiday allowance.

    Rowan Johnson
  • Timetastic makes managing holiday requests much easier than any manual system I’ve used in the past.

    Ronnie Davies

Discover what our customers have to say

I'm the person responsible for tracking time away for a staff of 70. Timetastic has made my job a lot easier as...

Julie Poff


Marjorie Jose

Very easy to use and understand

Orla Walsh

Its a good program and very convenient to use.

Shailendra Pandey

Staff booking systems you can use globally

Public holidays from 250 countries

Every country is covered, from Andorra to Zambia. Timetastic supports over 3,000 regions from around the world.

  • Holidays
  • Sickness
  • Maternity
  • Paternity
  • Unpaid leave
  • Bereavement
  • Compassionate
  • Jury duty
  • Personal day
  • Work from home

Free for your first 30 days

You can use Timetastic completely free for 30 days, you don’t need to enter any payment details or phone numbers.

So you can start booking staff holidays right away, see how it goes, check it works for you, no questions asked.

If after 30 days it’s looking good, then Timetastic is just £1.20 per user/month.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses with staff leave

Our employee holiday booking system has helped thousands of businesses manage holiday leave. Since 2012, we’ve partnered with web design agencies, car dealers, online retailers, charities, and GP surgeries - with over 8,000 teams and small businesses just like yours using our booking system.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What advantages does Timetastic's employee holiday booking system offer for effective resource management?

    Managing resources can be a fine balancing act for a business, that’s why our holiday booking system can be your best friend. Our handy interactive wall chart provides great visibility so you can check who’s in and who’s not. A quick glance at the chart and you’ll have a complete overview to help you allocate your resources efficiently.

  • Will a staff leave planner improve employee satisfaction?

    Clarity is extremely important for employees. With Timetastic, you’ll be able to offer this in abundance with a transparent and accessible holiday booking planner that’s super easy to use. Staff will know exactly how much holiday allowance they have left, and be able to see when other colleagues are off too to allow for seamless planning and coordination of tasks.

  • How can Timetastic’s staff leave planner help boost productivity for my business?

    Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and panicking when trying to arrange cover for absences or leave. Our system takes away the stress by combining all your holiday bookings into your regular calendar, giving you total visibility the second a leave request is lodged. Providing visibility for both you and your staff on holiday leave means everybody is aligned and you’ll have transparency to plan well ahead of time.