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It’s official. Paper forms and spreadsheets aren’t up to the task, you need absence management software that works for your team and their managers. That’s where Timetastic comes in.

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Instead of messy paperwork, upgrade to:

Calendar months
Calendar months
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Personal calendars

With leave management software, all your team get their own personal calendar and annual summary. They can see and track their absences and plan their year ahead. Finally, they get a clear picture of when and why they are absent from work.

Using Timetastic’s calendar integrations, staff can feed all absences instantly into their regular work calendar – a big step up from those holiday forms and outdated spreadsheets.

App & email notifications

Rather than messing with bits of paper and spreadsheets, Timetastic is a leave management system that gives you a single place to record and track absences within your business.

Users can request absences from either the desktop or mobile app. Managers can directly approve or decline these via email, and all actions are instantly tracked and summarised on the calendars.

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Request notification
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See clearly, who’s off and when.

Unlock the power of effective absence management with your new interactive wall chart. It gives you instant access to up-to-date absence information, offering a new at-a-glance view of who's absent and when. Use it to plan better, make sure busy periods are covered and avoid awkward clashes.

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What makes Timetastic so special?

It’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t. For over 10 years, we’ve been building the best absence management software for small businesses. If you want absence management software that’s simple and easy to use, you have to double down on making sure each and every feature fights for its place. We all know software apps that are so jam-packed with features they are almost unusable — that’s not Timetastic.

Over 400,000 people have booked time off work using Timetastic. They’ve used it, tested it, and fallen in love with it. We’ve seen their pain points, tweaked, simplified, and refined. It’s the gold standard now. You only need to read some of the thousands of positive reviews:

Richard nails it: “Timetastic has taken the burden of absence management away.

And Robin, who puts it so perfectly: “Beautifully simple.

Why does Timetastic work?

Timetastic works because it’s a single place for all your absence management-related tasks. It’s where you make your holiday requests , where you record sickness absence or any other staff absence. You can identify absence trends, update your calendars and keep track of annual allowances.

All those employee absence-related tasks that you currently use spreadsheets and calendars for, that’s what Timetastic replaces.

And it’s all wrapped up into one simple piece of software - on your desktop and a native mobile app, where everyone has access to the information they need.

Who uses Timetastic for absence management?

Legal companies, accountants, marketing agencies, software developers, hairdressers, health centres and doctors surgeries, charities, manufacturers, retailers, transport and delivery companies, IT firms, builders and churches.

Tiny micro-enterprises with two entrepreneurs, startups, small to medium businesses and teams at some large multinationals and household names. Every country, every continent.

So do it, have a go, and see what all the hype is about for yourself. It’s time to upgrade to a decent absence management system and save yourself from the pain of spreadsheets and constant interruptions.

It's time to get organised, streamline your processes, and gain some visibility in your absence management system, saving yourself a whole heap of time.

A full set of features, so you can manage time off properly

You’d like a day off?

To manage absence better, you can group your staff into departments, set minimum staffing levels and highlight clashes before approving requests for time off.

Manage different teams

For what reason?

Handle all types of absence - holidays, sickness, maternity, paternity, unpaid leave, compassionate. Create your own custom leave types here!

  • Annual Leave
  • Sickness
  • Maternity/Paternity
  • Sabbatical
  • Doctors Appointment
  • Seasonal Shutdown
  • Compassionate
  • Away Day
  • Training

It’s a bank holiday

Timetastic comes pre-loaded with public holidays from over 250 countries and 3,000 regions. All you need do is assign the relevant country to a staff member and their calendar is sorted.

Public holidays from 250 countries

Who’s working?

Create a work schedule for each of your team. You’ll be able to see who’s working and when. No more, "Who’s in next Tuesday?", you’ve got a schedule everyone can see and plan from.

Work schedules

Leave management software FAQs

  • What is a leave management system?

    A leave management system, or absence management system, is an easy-to-use platform that allows employees to view their holiday allowance and request time off – all in one place! It also helps managers approve requests and see who is taking time off, making it easier than ever before to assign resources and staff, especially during busier times of the year.

  • How does absence management software work?

    What absence management software does is take all those different pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to arrange time off work — spreadsheets, paper forms, a shared calendar, and maybe back-and-forth on email. And puts it all into one single system that’s always up to date. A single source of truth, full visibility.

    So when your employees request a day off, all your calendars are instantly updated, and the reasons for employee absences are tracked, you can then identify patterns, report on them and spot absence trends if you need to. Holiday allowance is tracked and reconciled, so all your employees can see how much time off they have left and when they’ve taken time off. A whole lot of visibility that you can’t get from spreadsheets!

  • Will absence management software save me time?

    Certainly will. In fact, saving time is the number one main benefit that our customers get from using Timetastic.

    The first big saving is that your employees request time off in the desktop or mobile app. So they don’t have to pester you with questions or start a back-and-forth on email.

    Next, you’ll have all those employee holiday requests and bookings instantly show on your calendar, so you can see which employees are off and when. You don’t need to update a spreadsheet or record of how much sickness they have taken or how much holiday allowance someone has left. All that is done for you, instantly. Just think about how much time that saves, and how many interruptions it’ll spare you?

  • What type of absences does it cover?

    Absence management software helps keep a record of any type of employee leave you can think of. Holiday entitlement, sick pay, sickness tracking. You can record maternity, paternity, compassionate and bereavement leave, anything you want. You can create as many different types of employee leave as you like in Timetastic.

  • Do I need to download or install anything?

    Timetastic is cloud based, online absence management software, so you can log in from any computer, anywhere. You’ve also got the mobile app so that employees who don't work at computers or in an office can easily record their days off as long as they have a phone. All your business processes and holiday calendars will be updated in real-time.

  • Is it easy to implement?

    Very easy, yes. Most of our customers are set up to monitor absences within an hour or so.

    It’s a simple case of signing up and working through the settings pages, we’ve also got a quick start guide to take you through the leave management system process in less than 10 minutes.

  • Can it be integrated with other apps?

    In short, yes. Absence management software seamlessly integrates with other systems and tools. The Timetastic Pro feature gives you even more depth in user profiles, like storing employee contact info, emergency contacts, and payroll IDs. Plus, it syncs up with calendar apps like Google Calendar, Outlook and Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Slack and Google Workspace, making it a breeze to align leave schedules with your team’s existing calendars.

  • How can leave management software help with compliance and reporting?

    Leave management software typically comes with features that help you follow your policies and regulations regarding employee leave. These include keeping a record of time off work and automated notifications for leave request approvals. Plus, Timetastic gives you reports and analytics on various aspects of leave management, such as usage trends, and other important metrics.

  • Will my employees like it?

    We’re confident they will. You’ve got over two and a half thousand reviews to read here, and at the time of writing, 92% of users recommend Timetastic. You can’t go far wrong with numbers like those. 😀

  • How much does Timetastic cost?

    Timetastic is priced on a per user/employee basis and paid on a monthly subscription. As it’s a subscription there are no long-term contracts or tie-ins and you can cancel anytime you like. View our current pricing here.

    We also have a good causes discount scheme - 50% off for charities, NHS Trusts, B Corps, 1% for the Planet Members, or Fair Tax Mark companies.

  • More questions?

    Take a look at our Help Centre for detailed articles on getting the most for Timetastic or contact our friendly Support Team.

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Your team can make use of the leave management software apps for Android and Apple to book an absence. No need to be in the office, everything is instantly tracked!

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